Bournemouth Light Site Visit

In the planning of a site specific location project, doing a visit on any site provides a different perspective and way of seeing the location in the mind of the artist, giving them more options and/or problems to foresee and overcome. Never the less visiting Bournemouth gardens did this regarding this perspective project in terms of location, ideas, content and planning.  Visiting the location in 2 different time periods also informed alternative perspective upon the audience, demographic and spread. Daytime exploration of the area pointed out location’s which were previously overlooked and would suit projection far better than the originally foreseen area. Using structures which not only are clearly part of the environment but are a part of the entire natural growth and form itself will be key to the success of audiences exploring the area. During an in-depth exploration and broader thinking, it became easier to identify plenty of potential areas for individual works and their retrospective positives and negatives emerged.

In Summary, the area provides lots of potential spots of interesting and different modes of projection, including many types of surfaces and material in which to use within the exhibition of installations.

Lower gardens/Pine Walk at night

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Lower gardens/Pine Walk Daytime

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Projection Perspective Locations

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