Body Dysmorphia Project (Part 1)

As part of a fundraiser for Body Dysmorphia supporting the charity MIND, I have been asked to design and produce a digital artefact in connection to the event and the charity in discussion. The event is part of a project from the University of Arts Bournemouth, where student are developing fundraising art events in support of charities. I selected this as an important event where I could help as the charity is extremely relevant to modern day culture and society as this is a grown concern within younger generations mental health issues.

The Idea

The idea was developed from consideration of the body mainly and the different shapes, sizes colours and heights all humans can come in. The other artwork at the event will consist of conventional canvas pieces for which I developed and idea using the same materials as them in a slightly different re-mediated context.



Using After effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4d and Resolume i plan to create 4 minutes of animated forage for the exhibition. This is a sample of the mapping being tested below.



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