Tactile Media Box Creation

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Based off the work investigating immersive installations and portable projection media. My exploration into the medium of projection has been influenced and inspired an interest in embodied interaction, tactile media and surrealism. As a result of working with a medium and technology creating a movable devices the aspects of tactility became more apparent. The object itself had to be more significant to the overall installation.

The impact of the work needs to be stunning in capturing the attention of the audience as well as the physical appearance of the product. The work is very much inspired by Hieronymus Bosch The Garden of Early Delights in the context of displaying alternative and imaginative realities. Within the installation, I wanted to reflect the strange alternative reality through the tactile media of each work alongside the audio and visual imagery. I believe this in the wider scope of the installation will take audience attention away from the technology and enthuse them into an interaction far more creative and exploratory whilst using the devices.

The tactility and aesthetic of each device is a creative reflection of an individual aspect regarding the painting The Garden of Early Delights.

Device one, the fluffy divice reflects the abstract nature and purity of the left panel as seen in the painting, remaining almost natural and soft to the touch. Device two the rubber box reflects the rigid but humanised central panel, where figurative frolicking and human interaction is throughout the busy composition. The skin like rubber texture is designed to representation the interaction of skin and touch. Device 3, the spiky box reflects the harsh nature of the right panel. It pink appearance gives way to a sharp tactile interaction, immediately triggering a reaction from holder of the device.

Device 1

Character or device 1 was one created using a pillowcase and some nifty re-sewing in order to change the shape of the cushion cover. In addition a hole for the projector lens to emerge from was created. A zip allows for easy access to the projection equipment and the fluffy exterior provides a playful tactile surface for the holder


Device 2 Creation

Character 2 was created using bathroom silicon, white spirit, acrylic paint and cornflower. The mixture was applied roughly to the surface of the box creating an interesting human skin like texture that’s very visceral and granny to the touch. The box was designed to be very humanized as the media content related to the mouth, a soft and moist part of the body.


Device 2

Device 3 Creation

Character 3 is created using over 900 thumbtacks pushed through the surface of a box. The device is physical holdable even though it sharp surface, however, requires of bravery and strength to withstand the initial ouch involved. The tactile design stands to put the audience further into interacting and discussing the work.

Device 3