MA Creative Media Arts: Data & Innovation

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Embarking on a new adventure into the world of research starts with MA Creative Media Arts: Data & Innovation. My plan for this year of research and development it to create, innovate and produce some new and interesting works/ideas to take forward into the workplace. My previous academic work looking into augmented reality, ecology and practise based research inspired me in many ways to divulge further into some more engaging and experimental works and new media areas. Recently I have been reading many books surrounding […]

A Summer of Projection

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So a summer of architectural projection mapping is complete. The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo and Blackpool Illuminations with The Projection Studio and Ross Ashton which has been a whirlwind.  An amazing projec and some inspiring work. Enjoy The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo Blackpool


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“Anthropocene” is a series of interconnected installations to explore ideas relating to technology, data and geology, in connection to over consumption and waste which, as a result of polluting the environment threatens our survival. The Anthropocene is a term used to denote the epoch that begins when human activities started to have a significant global impact on Earth’s geology and ecosystems. Jussi Parikka suggests that: “Geology is the science which investigates the successive changes that have taken place in the […]

Hand in Files

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In preparation for the hand of the graduate project on the 2nd June in I have produced a final test of both installation. The Exhibition is the 16th June meaning there is lots of preparation time for setting up the installations within the space for the show. As prof that the installations are complete and ready, these videos and images show them working in a test conditions. Both installations are part of a single immersive installation where visuals and audio is […]

Final Tutor Discussion

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Coming into the final weeks of the project many aspects of the project have been tested and developed through a series of different mock designs. Throughout the project I have discussed many of the ideas with David Garcia, my support lecture where a process of critic has been used do develop a consistent and free flowing artistic piece. In my final discussion with David some issues arose with the installations proposed in my previous post due to some minor aspects. The point which […]

Test, Test, Test!

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Coming into the final 2 weeks of development and preparation for the submission on June 2nd, the final ideas are coming together at last after a long period of development. I believe the ideas which have been developed have are really conceptually sturong but visually powerful meaning they will interest and provoke a reaction from audiences. Testing, trailing and re-testing is the best way to put the idea forward into its final form. I have been testing different graphics and animations […]

Data Projection Graphics

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The graphics for the data projections as part of my graduate project have been developed and produced through the use of data sheets and live data feeds. The style in which has been chosen to present the information is distinguished by the material that is intended to be projected upon. Through testing it was proven that the best response in terms of visual graphics upon the black rubber uneven surface was white 2d imagery because of it reflection spread across […]

Projecting on Mask

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As part of my Graduate project i’m planning on displaying 2 works at the graduate show. Working for an extended time on lots of different ideas, concepts, techniques and mediums, has therefore produced a range of different but interconnected installations that could have been developed. Synthesizing these down it has become clear that two strong ideas still deliver powerful and precise contextual meaning through an extraordinary artistic expression. The pieces interlink so much so that its understood they could be displayed […]

Passing of Data (Projection mapping)

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As the project i’m working on hold a contextual meaning relating to the issues of data, environment and the transition of them regarding humans impact on nature. A method of passing data through a wireless network where data is transmitted through nature to one another is an interesting conceptual idea which can be introduced. Having worked with Raspberry Pi before a new and innovative method of passing data through a WIFI network have been discovered. TCPSyphon is a development of the […]