Light Up Poole 2018 – Juxtaproject/Disparity

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Juxtaproject/Disparity is an interactive installation focusing on immersive portable technology fused into a projection-based installation. The piece is inspired by a strange, alternative and twisted reality of the human form displayed in the work of Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights. Each device within the installation projects surreal content producing its own visual and tactile characteristics, including striking audio and visual imagery. The portability allows for a creative interaction with audiences in moving and rearranging the content creating new and […]

Christmas at Blenheim 2017

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Christmas at Blenheim 2017 working with The projection Studio once again, we produced a dazzling Christmas projection show. The piece is a seasonal adventure capturing many elements from the grounds of from Blenheim Palace celebrating it unique and rich natural landscape. Check out the video below!  

The RAF at The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo 2017

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Working with The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo and The Projection Studio has become a yearly and exciting project to undertake. Over the past few years the detail and level of contents developed for the show has significantly expanded to incorporate many different graphic styles inline with the multi cultural show. Its exciting prospects and change cast each year creates an entity new show to be involved in. This year I worked specifically on the British Royal Navy and RAF section of […]

Masters By Project: Installation Setup

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Assembling the installation for was relatively simple. Using the simulations of the installation as seen previously, I was able to pre determine where the balloons would fall and best look aesthetically placed within the space.  On arrival, I made this quick sketch to illustrate which order the balloons would be projected on they would roughly be spaced. The balloons were hung across nylon strings in the ceiling area, stringing them down trying to avoid having strings on a show as much as possible. […]

Master By Project: Projector Motion

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The projectors motion has been a development of electronics and code based elements worked on throughout this project. The electronics as discussed have thrown me many issues which have been resolved by testing and researching using forums as my main source of insight. Being less experienced with electronic engineering I felt more time needed to spent here making sure the device worked correctly and consistently. The projectors motion is driven by 4 key parts, electronics, Arduino and Processing and Mapping. The Arduino […]