The RAF at The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo 2017

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Working with The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo and The Projection Studio has become a yearly and exciting project to undertake. Over the past few years the detail and level of contents developed for the show has significantly expanded to incorporate many different graphic styles inline with the multi cultural show. Its exciting prospects and change cast each year creates an entity new show to be involved in. This year I worked specifically on the British Royal Navy and RAF section of […]

Masters By Project: Installation Setup

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Assembling the installation for was relatively simple. Using the simulations of the installation as seen previously, I was able to pre determine where the balloons would fall and best look aesthetically placed within the space.  On arrival, I made this quick sketch to illustrate which order the balloons would be projected on they would roughly be spaced. The balloons were hung across nylon strings in the ceiling area, stringing them down trying to avoid having strings on a show as much as possible. […]

Master By Project: Projector Motion

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The projectors motion has been a development of electronics and code based elements worked on throughout this project. The electronics as discussed have thrown me many issues which have been resolved by testing and researching using forums as my main source of insight. Being less experienced with electronic engineering I felt more time needed to spent here making sure the device worked correctly and consistently. The projectors motion is driven by 4 key parts, electronics, Arduino and Processing and Mapping. The Arduino […]

Master By Project: Final Renders

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Above are the final graphics renders for my master by project installation Virologist. The natives have been developed using a process which involved research, exploration, storyboarding, testing and experimenting. Every component within each graphic has a purpose or a connecting element with digital/biological virus. Using 3D and 2D animation tools such as Cinema4d, Houdini and After Effects, each graphic is created, simulated, composited and rendered together to make the series of clips. This part of the installation was most challenging as lots time was […]

Master By Project: Content Tests

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One experiment which I wanted to investigate was a reprojection test of content on the surface of the balloon. This is a commonly used technique which can sometimes produce interesting results. In this case, I took some of my motion graphics videos and projected them onto a surface whilst simultaneously filming the projections. Next, I took these videos and reprojected them onto the balloon’s surface to see the result. I was hoping the microscopic imagery might become more camera like have […]

Masters By Project: Storyboarding Content

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Designing content for the installation has looked at the process, methods and similarities in digital computer viruses and biologocal virus. Using this idea the content for projection is being designed aiming to covey the processes of these digital agents in an abjstract but methodoligical form. The similarites and sandount features of common and significant digital virusus that will be encoprated into the instalation are as follows. Polymorphic (Digital Virus) are similar to the biological virus Influenza because both viruses react and […]

Masters By Project: Visual Style

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The visual style for the project has focused on designing elements of graphics and animation to represent and portray digital viruses through the media of microbic science visualisation. The connection between digital viruses and biological viruses is clear and has been discussed much throughout the project. Virialogy and scientific discovery into viruses and bacteria alike has developed over the last century since the quality of microscope improved. Research has given scientists the ability to visual see, understand and monitor the processes […]

Master By Project: Component Testing

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Working on the technical aspect of the project some refinements have been made to the electronics used in rotating the mirror. Some issues which were being experienced with jitter in the motors, power control and rotation precision. These issues are seen in the video below. When held in a stationary position the motor begins to jitter the image that was being projected. In the first instance, a change of the servo motors which drive the rotation was attempted. I thought by […]