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WordPress is a brilliant place to use for a blog for many reasons, abilities and purposes. WordPress allows users to easily input posts onto the web using a simple interface with the ability to develop there own style of site if they require. WordPress themes are a complex system of PHP and CSS files which link together to allow for many combinations and to be versatile for the users to feel they have control over the style.

Originally when producing my blog I was not confident with editing documents written by someone else because It was difficult to understand what certain tags were doing. Now my web skills have become more developed it has become easier to find common similarities and identify what im looking for in them. I felt confident enough to undertake the task of redeveloping a wordpress theme to suit the style of my website I’m going to produce next. This has been a good experience because its show me what I want my next website to look like and helped me learn how to navigate through code I haven’t produced to make it look how I want.

In the future I would like to go on to produce a my own WordPress theme because I would like to understand some what each section separately dose and how I can push the boundaries of that.

blog redesign

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