3D design is a growing industry with the demand from consumers for an ever more realistic virtual environments. With there being limited amount of good programs for 3D design development e.g Maya, Cinema 4D and 3D Max. These all highly developed programs with there own unique features however they all come with a big price tag, which for someone looking to explore different areas of digital media is a difficult justification. However, There is a Free open source 3D tool called Blender which has a mixture of all the specialist programs together which can be a great alternative.

Blender provides a range of different tools allowing you to create a range of 3d creations from still models to animations and games. This is because of its mixture of unique features including a games engine and rendering systems, which from free software is outstanding. The main downfall with blender is the interface that is confusing and very complex for someone who doesn’t fully understand the system. This is something that the producers could improve for the future to allow easier use.

There is plenty of inspirational works produced with blender including animations and games. When these are produced they are released to the community so that developers can use the characters, scenes and sets for other work and for further development.

Sintel –

Tears of Steel –

Gran Dillama –

Elephants Dream –

Animation is one of my bigger skills but it’s majorly been using 2D flash animations, which are slowly dwindling away and remains for a less precise and visually inspirational animations. My next path will be to start to understand 3d animation further and how to create complex models with some animation.

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