Blender Textures

Today we was playing with texturing on different types of objects/shapes. When applying textures to more complex shapes with more polygons it requires them to be unwarped so that there is no repetition in the texture. This means there is a more realistic texture applied with no seams. This also works for objects like text which have a series of angles, curves and straights so having no repetition makes them look more realistic.

Lighting is also important

While producing some of the work we were learning about render speeds and sampling. This is like DPI (pixels per inch) the higher the sampling rate the more precise the image output is. With a higher sampling rate it takes more cpu/gpu power to generate the image to there quality. This can mean when rendering an animation it takes several hours to get even a few seconds of high quality rendering complete. This causes problems for people trying to render bigger movies because it requires lots of power. Render farms are used to make the process run faster because they can do renders in different places using more power.

One of the tutorials we used a texture to put onto some text which is not so simple as first thought. This is the process we used to produce it.

  • make your text
  • tab edit the text
  • in the F panel extrude text
  • go to materials menu
  • new material
  • make sure you are in cycles  render
  • delte marerial 001
  • add new material
  • add glossy surface in the surface panel
  • instead of choosing colour click the small dot
  • choose image texture in the menu
  • click the folder and find your image texture
  • down the bottom click object
  • and select object covert to mesh
  • in the view at the top change to UV editing view
  • change to edit mode
  • select your text by clicking a
  • the bottom select mesh
  • then select UV UNWRAP then Unwrap
  • the text should appear unwrapped in the UV panel
  • down the bottom click the small picture icon and select the image you added earlier
  • change to default mode
  • change from solid to texture mode
  • click tab to get out of edit mode

This is the image rendering out at a sampling rate of 1000.



This is my final render if the textured text



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