Colour and Mood/Emotions Development

As previosly considered there could be considerend a link between music and signification of colour. To full circle between the 3 elements this connection between these 2 factors colour scheems corospond to emotions/moods is a factor which needs to be explored. These colour scheems have been throized by Shirley Willett and Naz Kaya who consider the posible relationships beween them and the acuracy of this.

Naz Kaya

The research done by Naz Kaya shows how difficult it is to state things about colors and the way we interpret them. The results for the test were presented in frequency table. The emotion – color combination with the highest overall score from the test.

Naz Kaya1 Naz Kaya2

Shirley Willett

A table of colors with their properties defined by Shirley Willett, the model presented is used as a guideline for the basic emotions with their colors. The model that she presents, figure 3, has many overlaps with the data found from Claudia Cortes work with the only difference it reduces the list to the basics. (Jiang and Bian 2013, pp.189-194)

Shirley Willett Shirley Willett1Im going to considering adding colour schemes to the visulizer with the emotinal colour systemes in mind. As I previosly looked at colour related to mood which lead me to develop my theroy and line of invstergation towards a mood related study with music visulization and time related inputs. It seems nessacary to include this withing the study as it creates a full circle elaluation btween colour, mood, and music.

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