App Progress Flow chart

Communication with the client is essential when working on a project. Good communication means that time isn’t wasted working on aspects of a project that the client isn’t interested in, meaning an overall rise in quality of work as client expectations are met.

As per the request of our client, they wanted to see exactly what ideas we had in mind for the app. We presented them with a flow chart of the current state of the prototype, and the stages of development we hoped to follow. This was valuable for us too so that we didn’t loose sight of our idea, and we were able to receive some comments from the client, informing future design decisions.

The Prototype Flow Chart can be seen here.

After showing this to the client, they had a better understanding of how the app worked, as its far more easy to communicate visual ideas through images and captions than it is just words.

The client was pleased with the current progression. It used the Magna Carta image as a navigation interface which they requested, it took into consideration time constraints by proposing only highlighting the key clauses first (key clauses which were pointed out to us by the client), and our future plans to add a filter system to the clause overlays.

Their one significant point of feedback was to change the way clause details were displayed. In the current prototype, tapping a clause overlay caused the app to transition to a new screen, which would house all the details about the clause. They client suggested that rather than transitioning to a new screen, the details appear modally on top of the Magna Carta image, as a translucent overlay.

This idea will be something that we will consider in the next iteration of the prototype design, before feeding back the new stage of the progress for their consideration.

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