Recently when building websites I have been looking to add animations to elements on fade-ins and fade-outs. This is now achievable using of CSS3 and html5 since the have been redeveloped. To make these simple animations  is extremely time consuming and requires setting up lots of tags and delays but….

I have found a very good solution to this by using an open source CSS stylesheet. This is a set of animations which require a CSS link and simple 2 tagging system to apply it to the element. You can also test what the animation looks like on there site which is regularly updated with new animations. This is open source which means anyone is free to use it with accreditation provided.

This is an extremely good resource for elements which you want to animate on page load however, the problem comes when you want animation on-click and on-hover. These are created from the use of Jquery and Javascript which proved a far more complex and developed systems of actions. For anyone interested in using animation for websites using in browser control this is the direction I would look in as it provides extensive more control of elements. But if you want simple animation then use the open source stylesheet.

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