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Ashley Wilkie is a MA Creative Media Arts graduate from Bournemouth University. Ashley is a freelance artist, designer and creative enthusiast. His desire to produce new and exciting ideas with art and technology, which continually drives him to work at the edge of his creative knowledge, producing dazzling experiences.

Working on Installations, light art and animations using “Mediums” such as projection, interactivity, sculpture and screen based content, Ashley develops across a variety of software’s and art practices. Focus remains strong and resolute, where his main efforts focus on projection mapping and motion graphics whilst using his multitude of other skills to work on other innovative projects.

Working with clients such as Adobe, Pinewood Studios, UK Young Artists, Squid Soup and The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo, has fuelled the eagerness to develop knowledge and artistic expression within the creative field as a designer. Doing so has provided opportunity to explore more avenues of interesting and imaginative technologies that drives the desire to innovate and create with an enthusiasm to learn more everyday.

Technical Skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • After Effects
  • Maxon Cinema4D
  • Blender
  • Processing (java)
  • Arduino
  • Frontend Web Development
    • HTML, CSS, Jquery
    • javascript
  • OpenFramworks
  • Projection Mapping Tool's
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