Masters By Project: Virology Infection

Pushing forward with virus and infection some investigations has been made into microscopic imagery and visualisation of such ideas. Looking at artists works, science imagery, real photography and simulations, I have begun to generate imagery responding to this.


Below are some of the animated elements which have been working upon. Currently, I feel they look very simplified as individual elements, however, adding to them together in unique combinations the imagery will start to become much more interesting. Developing the imagery in a more artistic way could put the ideas much further also.

Projecting some of the imagery onto a surface helps to see how the screen imagery will look of the screen in a projected form. This differs significantly as imagery on the screen can have lots of blur and details but will become distorted once projected. Checking this by projecting it simply on a surface ensures its quality of the graphics.

Developing the overall installation work through peer discussion pushed forward concepts ideas such as “hosts” within the overall work. Originally it was intended to use a petri dish shape to project upon, however, to further explore the idea of a host in a general body or object this did not feel consistent with the idea. Considering a more generic round structure felt more inclusive.

This element within the installation feels significant to the installation because the host or host body is key in both the process of virology and the application of projection mapping.

Infection and transmission between hosts have become a key investigation as part of the project. Understating the process to cross interaction between hosts and how the virus uses this within it’s of self-directed motivation. Using my own artistic medium of projection, I will use a mirror to transmit the virus from host to moving pixels across a surface physically and digital. Doing it this way by moving the projected light itself means the is more pixels on each surface providing higher quality imagery. Below I have begun testing the motion of imagery.